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You step through a door. Maybe it's the front door to your home, maybe it's the door to the lair of the big bad you've been going after for months now—either way, it's definitely a door you know. But what you find in front of you is simultaneously what you were looking for... and yet not. The vague shape of what you were looking for is there, but it's not quite right. Buildings are crumbling and look like they could collapse at any time, cities are the skeleton of a deceased civilization. You recognize where your house should be, where your friends used to live, but none of that's there now. You're alive, but who else is?

Carvaka is a sex game with heavy survival and exploration elements. Characters are not transported to the setting, but wake up to familiar surroundings. Familiar, but decaying and ruined, as if no one had been around to touch it in years. This is the true state of their home, and accepting or not, it's now up to them to fix it.

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